Calder Vale C of E Primary School

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School Governors


Mr Colin Eley (Chair) (Parent)

Appointed 13/6/2017

Mrs Helen Peters (Chair of Standards and Effectiveness Committee) (Foundation Governor)

Appointed 1/6/2013

Helen has served as a parent governor since 2013 and a foundation governor since 2017.  Helen is a primary school teacher and as such is particularly interested in how children learn and how to maximise each child’s potential. Her social interests include making the most of the outdoors, music, ballroom dancing and Zumba!

Mr Steve Elliott (Foundation)

Appointed by DBE September 2017

Steve has a background in computer science, previously working at Lancaster University. He is a member of Lancaster Baptist Church and also the United Parish of Calder Vale, Barnacre and Scorton, maintaining the website, facebook and twitter entries for the parish.

Mr Graham Peters (Chair of Resources and Finance Committee) (Foundation)

Appointed by PCC 1/11/2011

Graham works for Bolton Textiles Ltd. His interests are free range farming and off road motorcycling.

Ms Nicola Kitchen (Foundation)

Appointed by DBE 1/9/2014

Nicola has been serving as a Foundation Governor for the past four and a half years. She works in education at the University of Cumbria as part of their education and teacher training team, with a particular specialism being science. She has lived in the village for the past 13 and a half years and enjoys the community spirit Calder Vale has.

Mrs Liz O’Brien (Staff)

Appointed 1/9/2017

Rev Anton Muller (ex-officio Foundation)

Appointed 15/6/2015

Rev Muller is the incumbent for the United parish of Calder Vale , Barnacre and Scorton. He is also a member of Churches Together in Lancashire. Rev Muller lives at the vicarage in Scorton with his wife and two dalmation dogs. His interests include sailing in the Lake District.

Mr Jamie Colluney (Local Authority Governor)

Appointed 7/11/2016

Mr Colluney is an Arts teacher at Garstang Community Academy and has a daughter at Calder Vale. He is particularly interested in supporting the school to continue developing the Arts’ curriculum and gaining a further Arts’ Mark award in 2016-2017

Mrs Kim Carlyle (Foundation)

Appointed by DBE 21/5/2018

Mrs Helen Hesketh (Headteacher)

Appointed 1/9/2013


Governing Body Committee

download-pdfGoverning Body Committee


Standard and Effectiveness Committee

Mrs Helen Peters – Chair
Ms Nicola Kitchen
Mrs Liz O’Brien
Mr Jamie Colluney
Rev Anton Muller

Finance Committee

Mr Graham Peters – Chair
Mr Steve Elliott
Rev Anton Muller

Mrs Helen Hesketh (Headteacher) and Mr Colin Eley (Chair of Governors) attend all committee meetings.

Details of the membership of all other committees are listed in the PDF document above.


Governing Body Meetings 2017-2018

Autumn Term Governing Body Meetings: all held at Calder Vale
Standards and Effectiveness: 25th October 2017
Finance and Resources: 18th October 2017
Full Governing Body: 8 th November 2017
Governor Training event TBC
Spring Term – meetings held at Scorton
Standards and Effectiveness: 28th February 2018
Finance and Resources: 21st February 2018
Full Governing Body: 21st March 2018
Summer Term – meetings at Calder Vale
Standards and Effectiveness: 21st May 2018
Finance and Resources: 24th May 2018
Full Governing Body: 14th June 2018


Publication of Governor’s Details

Completed and signed Register of Business Interests forms are held in the school office.

Name of Governing Body Member Any interests to declare Y/N Governor at any other educational establishment Y/N Any relationships to members of school staff Y/N Any relationships to Governing Body members Date signed
Stuart Ingleson N N N N 02/07/2015
Nicola Kitchen N N N N 02/07/2015
Graham Peters N N N Y – married to Helen Peters 02/07/2015
Ken Burrell N N N N 01/09/2015
Helen Peters N N N Y – married to Graham Peters 18/09/2015
Jane Gibson N Y – Dolphinholme Primary N N 18/11/2015
Helen Hesketh N N N N 01/09/2015
Rev Anton Muller N N N N 14/10/2015
James Commander N N N N 16/12/2015

Governing Body Further Information

Name of Governor Business and pecuniary interests to declare Relationships with other governors or school staff Governor at any other establishment? Appointment date and end date

Appointing Body

Attendance at meetings in 2016-2017
Mr Stuart Ingleson

Chair of Governors

N N N Post of office ended 01-09-17 3/3 committee meetings

2/3 full governing body meetings

Mr Colin Eley

Chair of Governors from 01-09-17

N N N 13-06-17


Parent Governor

1/1 committee meetings and 1/1 full governing body meetings
Mrs Helen Peters N Y spouse of Graham Peters N 13-06-17


Foundation Governor

3/3 committee meetings and 2/3 full governing body meetings
Mr Graham Peters N Y – spouse of Helen Peters N 01-11-15


Foundation Governor

3/3 committee meetings and 1/3 full governing body meetings
Deacon Jane Gibson N N Yes – Dolphinholme Primary School 23-09-16


Foundation Governor

1/3 committee meetings and 0/3 full governing body meetings
Ms Nicola Kitchen N N N 01-10-14


Foundation Governor

2/3 committee meetings and 2/3 full governing body meetings
Rev Anton Muller N N Y

Scorton CE Primary School



Foundation Governor

0/3 committee meetings and 2/3 full governing body meetings
Mr Jamie Colluney N N N 01-11-16



½ committee meetings and 2/2 full governing body meetings
Mr Kenneth Burrell N N N Post of office ended 01-09-17 2/3 committee meetings and 3/3 full governing body meetings
Mr Stephen Elliott N N N 01-09-17


Foundation Governor

Mrs Alison Kelsall N N N 01-09-16

Resigned post 019-01-09-17

Staff Governor

2/3 committee meetings and 3/3 full governing body meetings
Mrs Helen Hesketh N N Yes

Scorton CE Primary School




3/3 committee meetings and 3/3 full governing body meetings




School governors form the largest volunteer group in the country. They are people from all walks of life, who care about children’s education and are prepared to work as a team to support their school and local community.
More than 9,000 people volunteer to be governors in Lancashire, bringing to their role experience of everyday life and a wish to help children and schools. They support schools in raising standards, by determining the conduct and direction of the school.
Effective governors do not need educational expertise but do need to be committed to their school, willing to ask questions and act as a critical friend. They also need to be able to work as an enthusiastic member of the governing body team. The headteacher works closely with the governing body as its principal professional advisor. Governing body policy decisions will then be implemented by the headteacher in the day-to-day running of the school.
They will be supported by other governors on the governing body as well as by Lancashire County Council, through the Governor Services Team.
Calder Vale St. John’s CE Primary School governors have access to the Governors’ Electronic Information System (GEIS), a separate secure site which offers a wide range of information on current issues, guidance, training and clerking –
Governors can also get information at:
If you are interested in becoming a governor you can express an interest using the following online form:

download-pdf Nomination Form of Foundation Governors