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2016-2017 – This year we are thrilled to be taking part in over 15 different sporting team

Autumn Term. In the first half of the Autumn term 2016 we have taken part in outdoor football, outdoor netball and basketball. We have a new team kit that has been supplied by the School Association and looks very smart.

We were very pleased to be the winners of the outdoor high 5 netball and the basketball tournaments.

Blackpool Dance Festival 2015

24.11.15 – This year, 36 pupils from both Calder Vale and Scorton Schools took part in the Blackpool Dance Festival at the Winter Gardens It was the most pupils from year 2-6 we’ve ever had- with 16 boys participating!

The children worked extremely hard, attending the weekly after school club, learning a tricky routine and always trying their best!

On the day, all their hard work and dedication paid off! They overcame nerves to give a confident performance.

Well done to all the children who took part!!

Some comments from the children:

Isaac: “I liked being there” (Y6)
Paige: “I liked it when we did the actual performance” (y4)
Issy: “It was nice to make friends with children from other schools” (Y4)
Tallulah: “I like that everyone has a part to play (Y4)
Holly: “I liked it because it made me feel confident” (Y3)

Sports Day 2015

This year the Year 6 pupils from Scorton and Calder Vale organised the Collaboration Sports Day.

They wanted to be given the responsibility and independence to organise the day, in order to prepare them for high school.

By organising the event they developed the skills of:

  • teamwork
  • collaboration,
  • co-operation
  • research.

The pupils developed and then tested activities they felt would demonstrate various P.E skills e.g. athletic throwing, co-ordination, balance, throwing and catching, ball control, and team building.

The afternoon was a great success- Well done Year 6!

Basketball May 2015

Pupils from year 3 and 4 took part in a basketball coaching and mini games session at Garstang Community Academy. They learned new skills and techniques and were able to put these into practice in the mini games session.

As always the children were a credit to the school with their behaviour and attitude of fair play. Well done

Olympic Athlete

29.6.15 – As part of the 2012 Olympic Legacy and inspiring children in P.E., we invited Sarah Davies, an England, British and Commonwealth athlete to come into school to teach P.E for our collaboration day.

She gave the children an inspiring presentation where she talked about how she began her sporting career as a gymnast at Nateby Gym and moved on to weightlifting when she began university. As part of her presentation, she highlighted the importance of healthy eating and starting the day with a good breakfast to provide the body with fuel. The children were amazed that she eats 6 eggs and 4 slices of toast in the morning!!

The heaviest weight she’s lifted so far is 120kgs, which roughly equates to 7 small children.

Sarah has trained with Jessica Ennis Hill and was able to give the children some excellent tips on training techniques, sprint starts, and for the older pupils, muscle strengthening exercises.

The P.E. sessions she taught were very informative and a lot of fun!

Some quotes:

“I learnt how to set off properly so that I get a big boost” (Sebastian Year 2)
“I’ve learnt about what it takes to be an athlete and how hard it is to achieve” (Eleanor Year 6)
“I’ve learnt a lot more techniques that I can apply to my running to make me a better runner” (Ellis Year 3)
“I’ve been able to improve my starting position” (Kyle Year 5)

Sarah Davies

Athletics Tournament Garstang Community Accademy

Well done to all the children who took part in the Athletics Tournament at the Garstang Community Academy. The children took part in a variety of events, from the egg and spoon race, sack race, bean bag race, sprints and relay, to javelin throws, ball throws and long jump. The children overcame the heat and humidity, came first in their group and won the athletics trophy!

Hockey Coaching Autumn 1 2015

Josie Rice, from Garstang Hockey Club, has been coaching the children from both Key stage 1 and 2 in the skills of Kwik Sticks Hockey.

The children have been learning lots of new skills and some pupils have shown a lot of natural talent in the sport.

Coach Josie has been very impressed with the enthusiasm, talent and skills that the children have demonstrated in the sessions and hopes some will go on to join the Garstang Hockey Club!!

There will be a hockey tournament later in the year, where some of the children will be able to put their newly learnt skills to the test!

Autumn 1: KS1 Football

This half term, a female football coach from Preston North End, has been running a collaboration after school club at Scorton.
The children have learnt age appropriate skills, fun warm up games and had lots of opportunities to play matches agains each other.

Quick Sticks Hockey

3.11.15 – Pupils from Calder Vale and Scorton took part in the Quick Sticks Hockey coaching and tournament at GCA. They played some skills activities then the children were put into mixed teams to play matches.
This was a good opportunity for the children to use skills of communication and cooperation, as they had to sort out team positions and tactics with pupils from other schools.

Table Tennis GCA

1.12.15 – Calder Vale sent a team of four to Garstang Community Academy to take part in table tennis coaching and tournament.

They played very well showing great determination and skill and they won their group.

Well done!

Indoor Hi 5 Netball

19.1.16 – Well done to the Calder Vale netball team who took part in the Indoor Hi 5 Netball tournament at Garstang Community Academy. They played with skill and came second in their group.