Calder Vale C of E Primary School

Grow, Achieve, Explore

Willow Class Summer

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Every morning we investigate spelling patterns and rules through practical activities. We love making the words in glitter, paint, playground chalks, pipe cleaners and beads but we are not all that keen on the sandpaper!

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Geography – Where did the Mayans live?

We have explored maps and discovered where the Mayans used to live and how they used their environment to help them provide for themselves. Our surprising facts were that they loved chocolate, ate a huge variety of creatures, including iguana, and created floating fields.

History – Who were the Mayans?

We created collages of Mayan homes and Mayan temples. We loved the detail in the pyramids that every day in their calendar was represented with a step on the pyramid.DSCF9460 DSCF9459 DSCF9458







Art – 3D Sculpture

In Willow class we have been researching and designing Mayan masks. At the end of June we were really lucky to have an artist n to help use make temporary clay masks to put in our woodland. She taught us how to made 3D noses, make eyes from balls and sausages of clay and how to blend so our joins were strong.

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Science/Technology – Bridges


Year 5 and 6 have been investigating air resistance in Science. They loved designing outfits to increase air resistance as part of a BBC experiment.

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Every Friday afternoon we are learning about being positive, relaxing ourselves when we are worried and building good relationships. We have loved making our own Ishi stone and always come out of the sessions feeling calm, strong and full of self-belief.


Easter challenge

Over the Easter holidays we challenged the children to take part in 50 challenges that the National Trust believe we should all do before we are 11! The pupils were extremely busy and brought in some amazing photos showing them completing the challenges.


“We had a really busy and active Easter holiday!”


"It was a bit sour!"

“It was a bit sour!”

"My neck was aching but I eventually found a bone!"

“My neck was aching but I eventually found a bone!”