Calder Vale C of E Primary School

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Summer Term: Curriculum Map for Year 3 to 6 РMarvellous Machines Parent Leaflet LKS2 Summer,  Parent Leaflet UKS2 Summer

Our Topic Launch: Marvellous Machines

We had an amazing launch day with Mad Science – programming robots, mixing chemicals and sending electricity through human bodies to light a bulb!


We have been writing fantasy stories and to get us inspired we designed fantasy lands. Some of our ideas came from our class novel, Moondial by Helen Cresswell.



During the first half of the Summer term we have been focusing on speeding up our recall of times tables and learning about fractions of shapes, numbers and objects. We loved eating fractions of the chocolate bar and designing pizza toppings in different fractions. We have also linked telling the time with learning our Roman numerals.


Our topic this term is Forces. So far we have investigated friction on different materials on toy cars, how we can demonstrate different forces with our bodies and we have learnt how to read and use Newton meters.



We are learning to code using different types of robots and on Scratch. We will be designing maps and creating sequenced instructions to make digital images move.


We have been learning to talk about how we travel, how to give directions and have conversations about our favourite forms of transport.


We have loved learning about the Victorians and the jobs people used to do. We have written diaries as a child chimney sweep, none of us fancied it as a job!



We have been studying Lowry and his paintings of Victorian buildings. We have looked at how he uses perspective, colour and matchstick figures to create atmosphere and movement.

RE and Worship

We are really lucky to have a range of visitors who come in and lead worship in our school – tell us Bible stories and show us how to use the messages in our everyday lives. Sometimes we hold our worship outside. A favourite one this term involved us building walls in the woods like Nehemiah built around Jerusalem. We needed our friends to help us and learnt how teamwork makes difficult tasks easier.

During RE we are investigating the meaning behind the words in The Lord’s Prayer and using this to explore in greater depth forgiveness and temptation.


Our Outside Environment

We have worked really hard getting our allotment areas ready with vegetables and fruit and are looking forward to harvesting them in the summer months.

We also love spending time in our gorgeous woodlands,surrounded by bluebells and we even spotted a nest of pheasant eggs.



We are loving learning to play brass instruments, either trumpets or cornets. As part of our lessons we are also learning to read music and to talk about music using pitch, tempo, rhythm and pulse.

We are looking forward to performing at the end of the Summer term.