Calder Vale C of E Primary School

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Spring Term Parent Leaflet: Space-The Final Frontier, Spring Term Parent Leaflet LKS2 Spring Term Parent Leaflet UKS2

As part of our Space topic this term, pupils have produced high-quality, detailed and varied homework projects. We share these with everyone in the school in an open gallery.


Our class novel this term is Stig of the Dump. We have loved using our den in the woods as his home, writing instructions for his inventions, being estate agents and selling his den and creating our own Stig adventure.

After half term, we wrote newspaper articles about the moon landings, designed our own planets and created a machine to make cheaper space suits. We are now writing fantasy stories based on Moondial by Helen Cresswell.


Paired Reading

We love sharing books with everyone in our school from young to old.


We are becoming excellent mathematicians by speeding up our times table recall and learning about multiplication and division and fractions. Our Maths lessons always include concrete resources from counters, Dienes, money, number lines, fraction walls and pizzas to balls, chalks, sticks and magnets.



We have been investigating light and shadows this term. We loved using light boxes to show how light travels and making periscopes. During this term, we have also investigated sound and Year 6 have learnt about the relationship between Earth, Moon and Sun.




Year 3 and 4 have been intrigued learning about the moon landings, how it was reported and why some people still think it was a fake – it has produced some fascinating debates!

Year 6 have been investigating how propaganda has been used throughout the years and have been studying paintings of monarchs; how they have been modified by painters and why.

Art and Design

Our inspiration this term was our favourite spaces and our initial stimulus was an inspiring visit from local artist Chas Jacobs. He showed us how to use block colours, simple shapes and perspective to create fantastic individual and group paintings of our special spaces.



Our focus has been on using maps to find local places, including our homes, and plotting journeys further afield. We loved using Google maps and Google Earth to visit places all around the world.

We investigated how satellites are used to predict weather and we enjoyed being weather forecasters, especially pretending to produce a televised forecast.


We are really fortunate to frequently have in visitors to lead worship in our school, share Bible stories with us and introduce religious beliefs and concepts in a huge range of ways (plays, puppets, music).

Religious Education

The children have been learning about the importance of Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We have been investigating the emotions evoked from the events of each day. The children re-enacted Jesus entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.


Year 3 and 4 have been learning to play the recorder this term and within a couple of weeks can play Hot Cross Buns and read and write simple music notes on a stave.

Year 6 have been learning to play brass instruments with our friends from Scorton and will be performing at Bikes and Barrows festival in the Summer term.


We have been collecting data from the internet about the solar system. (eg: The number of moons planets have). We have produced spreadsheets and graphs to display the data.


We have been looking at the solar system and the connection to the days of the week in French.

Calder Vale Woods

Our school is special due to our unique environment. We love using the woods to learn, play and celebrate the world we live in.