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Stone Age Bone Age

See below for our curriculum leaflets for our Spring topic Stone Age Bone Age. Parent Leaflet UKS2 Spring Parent Leaflet LKS2 Spring


During this half term we have loved learning about Science Fiction by investigating E.T., Aquila and many other texts and film clips. We started our topic by exploring Science Fiction toys and books and we enjoyed writing and sharing our Meg and Mog in Space stories with Bluebell class – our new reading pod was the perfect place to pretend we were in a space ship exploring the universe! We also loved our new finger lights, which made us look like E.T., to help us track and find interesting and exciting vocabulary in texts.

Every day we learn about spelling patterns and rules and always learn in a wide range of multi-sensory ways, including using letter tiles, putty, pipe cleaners, chalk and salt trays.



We have been consolidating our written methods using the four operations and learning new efficient methods as we move into Year 5. To support us in our learning, we use practical equipment and pictorial representations. Our times tables knowledge is helping us with our new topic of fractions, where we have been finding equivalent fraction families, simplifying fractions and converting between improper fractions and mixed numbers.



Our topic has been Classification (Year 5) and Living Things and their Habitats (Year 4). We have loved studying minibeasts in our woodlands and working out how to classify them using their features. To help us, we classified Haribo sweets (eating a few along the way!), identified our minibeasts using a classification key and then produced our own using research into unusual creatures.





Our topic Stone Age Bone Age has taken us on a journey through thousands of years examining buildings, lifestyle, food, family and hobbies. We started our topic with an exciting trip back to the Stone Age with a visit from a real Stone Age man who took us to the village market, showed us how to make food and how to barter. To enhance our historical skills, we have examined artefacts and evidence linked to why Stone Henge was built and closer to home the origins of Bleasdale Timber Circle.


Art and Design

As part of our Stone Age topic we have created cave paintings based on historical evidence. We discovered that cave art tends to depict animals they would hunt, hunting scenes and occasionally would use hand prints.



Design and Technology

This term we have examined the use of textiles, learnt three stitches (running, blanket and cross), designed a cushion and learnt how to use seam allowance and the purposes of hems and seams. Willow class took their materials home with them and as part of home learning, completed their cushions.


We hold whole school worship everyday and love sharing Bible stories, prayers and God’s messages altogether. We are really lucky to have many visitors who come and share their religious knowledge with us and we love hearing their stories, watching their acting and learning new songs.


Religious Education

In Religious Education, the aim is to deepen the children understanding of Jesus, who he was, his teachings and behaviour. Willow class used the events in the Bible to illustrate that Jesus is the Son of God, and that he was born God and man. Willow class have also deepened their understanding of the concept Salvation and they reflected on the Easter story. We aimed to give the children the opportunity to reflect upon the importance of power and the effect of betrayal, trust and forgiveness.



We have been learning to play brass instruments with our friends at Scorton. Although we have only been playing this year, already we can play Three Men Went to Mow, sections of Mamma Mia and No Limits.



Willow class started the term with an online safety lesson delivered by Lancashire Police at Scorton Primary School. They found this informative and enjoyable. The aim of computing this term was for the children to be able to design their own websites.  Prior to this, the children researched websites and web pages of interest and assessed them for their overall quality.  They chose a topic of interest for their own web page and produced their own published web page.


The children are continuing to build on last term’s topic, which was sports and hobbies. They have learnt the phrases and vocabulary to describe themselves and others physically, e.g hair colour and eye colour and have developed this to be able to describe a friend in French.


Physical Education and Mental Wellbeing

Look at our amazing yoga poses which we learnt with our new friend, Llamacorn! We learnt how to slow down our breathing to help us relax, which poses are good for waking us up in a morning and calming us down before bed.

Science Ambassadors

Our Science Ambassadors helped organise and support our Science Day where we ran a STEM event, Engineering Fairy Tales. The ambassadors worked really hard to help children with science tips and their knowledge in building constructions to help fairy tale characters.

School Council

School council organised a fund raising day for Sports Relief where every one had to stop every hour and complete a 5 min workout designed by the members of school council. This included burpees, star jumps and sprinting on the spot!

Eco Council

Eco Council helped every child in the school plant carrot and pea seeds ready to grow in our allotment. They also chitted potatoes and all the children took these home to plant out as part of their home learning.