Calder Vale C of E Primary School

Grow, Achieve, Explore

Spring Term’s Raging Rivers Topic MapĀ Spring Parent Leaflet LKS2 Spring Parent Leaflet UKS2


We are loving Big Write on Friday mornings. It feels really special when we are all writing by candle light with Mozart playing and fruit snacks.


In our Maths lessons we are taking part in Primary Stars Super Movers! Our aim is to learn our tables, shape properties and loads of other mathematical facts whilst being active.


Year 5 and 6 have been learning about Classification. We have been researching unusual creatures and using Linnaeus’ system to organise them.

Year 3 have had a fantastic start to their Rocks and Soils topic, spending a whole day investigating rocks, making volcanoes and using biscuits and sweets ti make models.

Our Mad Science after school club this half term has had us all thinking hard, questioning, designing and participating in loads of experiments. We have made the classroom smell really bad, made bouncy balls and created a huge mess making magic slime!

Art and Design

Our Art lessons have been based around Monet and his beautiful The Water Lily Pond painting. We loved replicating his painting and have now been using the Impressionist style to paint leaves and water in different environments. When the warmer weather arrives, we are taking our canvasses and paints out onto the field to create our own landscape pictures.


In Geography we learnt about the water cycle, rivers around the world and made some fantastic water-based projects at home.


We have been learning about the Easter story this term and studying the importance of prayer. We enjoyed writing prayers in our prayer tent and sharing them in worship.