Calder Vale C of E Primary School

Grow, Achieve, Explore

Religious Education Trip

They have been exploring the religion Buddhism and making connections with Christianity. They have been researching symbols, places of worship and how Buddhist practice their faith. Willow class visited the Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre in Ulverston, they were able to experience for themselves how Buddhist follow their faith and they were able to practice meditating in a Buddhist Temple. The children had a wonderful day.

Museum of Science and Industry: Manchester

An amazing day spent exploring machinery throughout the ages. We loved seeing The Rocket, the planes and being part of the Science Showdown.

Play in a Day

We had an amazing day with Year 3 and 4 from Scorton putting on a play in a day called Planet Rock. During the day, we learnt how to project our voices, mime, use expression,whilst learning loads of facts about space, planets and astronauts.

Science Week

Our Science week was really exciting – mobile planetarium visit, kite designing and flying afternoon and a flying machine investigation.

Garstang Markets

We visited two markets in Garstang to learn about where local food comes from, how it gets to our plate and how farmers look after their livestock. In both markets we conducted questionnaires with the people who work there and quizzed them about labelling on food, ingredients and symbols on packaging.

Myerscough Science Trip

Year 2 and Reception loved learning about all the machinery farmers used on the farm and how the cows were milked and cared for. They were amazed to learn that cows have fitbits! We also loved finding out about how to care for terrapins and tasting herbs and fruit in the plant houses.

Science with Eileen

Year 5 and 6 had an exciting morning learning about the heart – how it works and how exercise is important for it. They loved dissecting a heart and listening to their own heart with a stethoscope. They were also fascinated by being able to extract DNA from a strawberry and how plants have male and female parts.

Year 3 had a super afternoon learning about mini-beasts and their skeletons. They were intrigued by how much sugar was in different drinks and were disgusted by the teeth covered in sugar!

Mad Science Assembly

Our Mad Scientist filled the school hall with bubbles that set on fire, liquids that changed colour and fizzed and made a pupil turn on a light bulb without using any electricity!

Mad Science After School Club January-March 2018

Excellent investigative skills, scientific knowledge improved and great fun had by everyone!

Autumn Adventures Club

We had an amazing time building dens, making a mud kitchen, putting up bird feeders and making bug homes in our Autumn Adventures club!

Lancaster Maritime Museum Science Week October 2017

We had an amazing morning designing tsunami-proof houses, although not many were very successful, harnessing the power of wind and trying to avoid radar detection in aircraft.

Science Festival June 2017

We had a fantastic day at the Science Festival. Many enjoyed tasting worms and beetles whilst others loved seeing how fast they could score a goal. Year 4 had a great day in the lab coats, diagnosing patients and measuring heart rates and Year 5 and 6 were taken on a journey through the uses of Maths in Disney films, we even squeezed in a singalong!

London Residential Trip May 2018

Downing Street

London Eye

St Paul's Cathedral

Churchill War Rooms

Houses of Parliament

Meeting our MPs

Queen Victoria Memorial

On the London Underground

Statue of suffragist Millicent Fawcett in Parliament Square

London Residential Trip May 2018

Monday 21st May – Travel by train from Lancaster to London Euston. Visit Downing Street
Tuesday 22nd May – St Paul’s Cathedral guided tour and dome. Visit Churchill War Rooms
Wednesday 23rd May – Houses of Parliament Tour, meet our MPs, Pineapple Dance Studio Aladdin Workshop, Prince Edward Theatre to watch Aladdin
Thursday 24th May – Golden Hinde guided tour, National Gallery guided tour, London Eye
Friday 25th May – return to Lancaster by train




Residential Visit to Borwick Hall 2017

Monday 22nd May Today we enjoyed a lovely walk along the canal and a picnic lunch before meeting our team leader and instructor for the week. The afternoon was taken up with team challenges – some of which were really tricky! A delicious evening meal, free time to play in the grounds and then bed at around 9.45. Everyone was asleep by 11pm!

Tuesday 23rd May

A glorious sunny day. Today we have been climbing but not on indoor climbing walls – instead on very tall trees; the platform challenge and the leap of faith. Some people overcame their fears and others leapt straight to the top. We were proud of everyone – especially those who helped get Mrs Hesketh onto the second platform! A delicious lunch sat outside in the sun and a ‘rocky ramble’ for the afternoon.

Wednesday 24th May

Despite our best efforts we weren’t brilliant hunters and went home without any dinner! Our trainer Chris said he hoped we were better gatherers! After lunch, we had a fantastic afternoon completing the low ropes challenge – even Mrs Mather and Mrs O’Brien got round – and finished by getting very wet canoeing.



Residential Visit 2016

London Trip: Monday 22.2.16

After arriving at Lancaster Station bright and early, we boarded the train for London at 9.45am. We had a long, but lovely, walk to the Youth Hostel, spotting ducklings on the way. We checked into our rooms, then set off for our open top bus tour of the key London sights. All the children (and staff) were very excited as we spotted the Tower of London, London Eye, Millenium Bridge, Houses of Parliament as Big Ben struck 4 O’Clock and the OXO Tower. Many pictures were taken and a few cameras have already run out of film- so much to see!! Then it was back to the Youth Hostel for a lovely hot meal, games and a good nights sleep!

Tuesday 23.02.16

We started the day at St Paul’s Cathedral. WE climbed 528 steps passing the Whispering Gallery, where wh whispered messages to each other across the dome; the Stone Gallery, where we walked on the ouside of the dome and saw the spectacular London skyline. Then most of us braved the final ascent on the narrow metal steps up to the Golden Gallery at the very top of the Cathedral. We then travelled to the National Gallery where we learned some very interesting insights about a few of the paintings. H.M.S. Belfast was our next stop, where we found out what it was like to be a sailor on a battleship in WW2. After a delicious dinner of chicken and chips, we headed off to the Hollywood Bowl for a couple of games of 10 pin bowling. Another busy but exciting day- and according to Mr Prince’s pedometer, we walked 10 miles today!!

Wednesday 24.02.16

Today we had a late breakfast at 8am then took a leisurely river cruise up the Thames to Westminster. It was great to spot some of the sights we’ve already visited, along the Thames. At the Houses of Parliament we met with our local MPs Cat Smith and Ben Wallace, where the children were able to pose some very pertinent questions about what inspired them to become MP’s , the upcoming referendum in Europe and expenses to name a few! We then had a tour around Parliament but as it was Prime Minister’s Questions, and the children aren’t MPs (yet!) we were unable to get into the House of Commons. Lunch at Covent Garden was folowed by a Theatre Workshop at the famous Pineapple Studios. The children learnt some singing and acting techniques which led to them performing a song from Wicked. Afer a well deserved “Happy Meal” at McDonalds, we went to the Apollo Theatre to watch a spectacular performance of “Wicked”. Several people in the audience who were sitting around us asked which school we were from and commented on how well behaved the children were.

Back to the Hostel for a good nights sleep!

Thursday 25.02.16 Another early start with a 7.30am breakfast then armed with our packed lunches, we travelled to the Tower of London where “Mistress Elizabeth” from 1603 gave the children a very interesting talk about the prisoners who have been held at the Tower. We visited the White Tower and spoke to a Beefeater (or Yeoman of the Guard) before having our lunch. We were joined by a very cheeky raven who threw all the rubbish out of the bin to get the leftovers of a cheese sandwich! 10 Downing Street was our next stop and although we caught a brief sighting of Phillip Hammond, but David Cameron was apparently in Preston for the day. We then went across London on the tube to Bethnal Green to the V&A’s Museum of Childhood. The children saw lots of toys from throughout the ages, including Queen Mary’s doll house, but also got a chance to ride on rocking horses, make magnetic faces and role play. After dinner at the hostel we went to the London Eye for a night view of the city. It was spectacular and amazing to see the all the places we’ve visited lit up at night. Another brilliant day!   Some photographs from our 2014-2015 residential visit to Borwick Hall. We had a very active four days with canoeing, raft building, team building, tree climbing, assault courses, archery and adventures galore! DSC03782 DSC03783 DSC03813 DSC03820 DSCF5990 DSCF5995DSC03784DSC03798DSC03803DSC03807