Calder Vale C of E Primary School

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Willow Class Autumn 2017

During the Autumn term, Willow’s topic is Marvellous Me! We will be investigating teeth, digestion, materials, The Romans, Quentin Blake and having some exciting trips and visitors.

For more information click on our learning map for this term (Year 3 and Year 5 and 6).


This half term we have written autobiographies and biographies of Julius Caesar. We loved writing flashback stories based on Harry Potter and our dream jars from the BFG were full of amazing adventures!

Our class book is Awful Auntie, which we are reading in preparation for watching it at the theatre in the Spring term. David Walliams is making us laugh out loud at his vivid images and slightly naughty sense of humour!

Every day we investigate spelling patterns and rules. At the moment, our favourite ways of learning are with salt trays, coloured putty, sand paper and pipe cleaners.


We have been learning about place value and addition and subtraction. Year 2 and 3 have loved using our new place value counters alongside Base 10 and egg boxes for understanding the value of each digit and are becoming brilliant at adding and subtracting 2-digit and even 3-digit numbers.

Year 5 and 6 have been putting their skills to the test in solving word problems and puzzles and Year 6 are experts at using BIDMAS to solve equations.

In Maths, we love working together to solve problems and enjoy using practical equipment to support us and to teach each other new methods. We also enjoy working on Sumdog and are hoping to be really successful in the next Lancashire competition.


Year 5 and 6 are learning about materials. We are investigating how they can be sorted, described and used in industry. Over the term, we will be moving on to looking at how they can be changed by heating, freezing, melting, filtering and sieving.

Year 3 are learning about teeth. We are investigating why we have different types of teeth, what is in toothpaste, making our own toothpaste and why animals have different types of teeth. After half term, we are moving onto learning about our digestive system. We had an amazing afternoon making the digestive system – it was very messy, very funny and we all learnt loads about our bodies!

Religious Education

Our theme this half-term in worship has been thankfulness. We based our Harvest festival around being thankful for Fairtrade bananas and we have been investigating all the tiny and huge things we are thankful for as a whole school.

Willow class have enjoyed learning about David and Goliath and David and Saul and how we can learn from their strong bonds of friendship.


Willow class have loved learning about the Romans. We worked in groups to produce different parts of a Roman soldier’s armour and are going to be studying forts, houses, weaponry and Boudicca’s attack!

Look at our amazing models of Hadrian’s Wall!

Art and Design

Look at our amazing pictures done in the style of Quentin Blake! We studied him drawing Willy Wonka and then used his style to adapt our drawings.

We also looked at A.A.Milne – Poppy’s piglet is a perfect replica of the original image.


Willow class are brilliant at singing heads, shoulders, knees and toes in French!


In Music we have been lucky enough to have a specialist music teacher come, who has helped the children with learning different songs from around the world. As well as practising with them their songs for this years Christmas production.