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Willow Class Autumn 2016

Our topic for the Autumn term is “Who do you think you are?” We will be learning more about ourselves as human beings, the environment in which we live and our own history. We will be comparing our lives today with those of children in the past and with those living in other areas.

Click here for our curriculum overview for Autumn Term


In science we have been learning about the respiratory system. Look at our models – we used them to explain how the heart, blood vessels, lungs and other organs work together.

circulatory system

Four Y5 and Y6 pupils attended a workshop run by Y9 at Garstang Community Academy. They worked on the science of forces, electricity and light and next week they will be the teachers and teach the rest of the class!



After half term we will be visiting Preston Museum to learn more about what life would have been like for us if we had been children during World War 2.


In English we are studying Shakespeare with a focus on Macbeth. We started by thinking about the character of Macbeth – he was a hero in battle. Would he make a good friend? We made freeze frame pictures to show ways in which friends behave – sharing secrets, falling out, supporting each other. We also thought about the relationships between King Duncan and Macbeth and Banquo and Macbeth.

DSCF8938 DSCF8939 DSCF8940 DSCF8941

DSCF8946  DSCF8948

These are some of our first thoughts at the start of the play:

“I think Macbeth would be a good friend because he would stick up for me.” (Reuben Y4)

“I don’t think I would want Macbeth as my friend because he is very violent and has no heart for other people.” (Izzy Y4)

“I think Macbeth is a self hearted man because he focused only on winning no matter what.” (Edward Y5)



Year 5 transition workshop at Garstang Community Academy.

Year 5 joined with their friends from Scorton to take part in a cross phase textiles workshop where they made these brilliant key rings!

key rings Y5

Topic work from 2015-2016

Our Spring term topic was ‘Bone Age Stone Age’ We held an activity day with our friends from Scorton and learned lots of surprising new skills. Could you survive the Stone Age? We made dyes from natural materials, foraged for food, ground wheat using stones, made weapons for hunting food and even tried Stone Age clothes!

Kodak 100_0302 100_0307 100_0308 100_0309 100_0310 100_0311

In our topic lessons we have been finding out about reasons for the Anglo-Saxon invasion in 450AD
We have researched push & pull factors and have written an information text about reasons for the invasion & settlement.

As part of our World Religion study in 2015 -2016 we have learned about Buddhism. We had a special day of activities, shared with our friends at Scorton and learned about the beginnings of this interesting religion.


Norse Mythology

download-wordRead Alina’s fantastic version of a Norse Myth!

download-word… and here’s Isaac’s Myth!

Topic work

We have been using our research skills to find out how life has changed between Roman Britain, Anglo-Saxon Britain & Viking Britain.

Our research skills have also helped us to answer the question ‘Just how ‘great’ was Alfred the Great?’

Our map and atlas work has helped us to find out what British place names have Celtic & Anglo-Saxon roots.

Look at our homework projects – amazing work!

100_0259 100_0260 100_0263 100_0264 100_0265


We have designed our own shields based on pictures of actual Anglo-Saxon shields that we have found by researching historical finds.

Some of us have added war messages in runes.