Calder Vale C of E Primary School

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Willow Class Autumn 2018

During the Autumn term, Willow’s topic is Food Glorious Food. We will be learning about where food comes from, how food is used in art and how our bodies work.

For more information click on our learning map for this term Parent Leaflet LKS2,  Parent Leaflet UKS2


We have been reading Danny the Champion of the World as our class novel. We used Danny’s kite flying as an inspiration for our Big Write and investigated Roald Dahl’s amazing description in all his books to create detailed paintings of his characters.

We love our Big Write sessions every Friday. Lots of interactive grammar and punctuation games and then a 40 min write with fruit snacks, candles and music.


We have been learning about place value and mental and written addition and subtraction methods. We love using different equipment, songs and outside learning.


Year 6 are loving learning about the circulatory system and how blood travels around the body like little delivery and waster removal trucks. They have created a huge system in the hall, made blood smoothies and painted detailed images of blood cells under the microscope.

Year 3/4 have been investigating human skeletons and animal skeletons. Can you work out which animals these skeletons belong to?

Religious Education


It has been fascinating investigating where food comes from and we have loved tracking the food from our plates all around the world. We have learnt about the Red Tractor symbol and what it means if food is RSPCA assured or free range.

Art and Design

We have been studying the work of Guiseppo Archimboldo and using his work as inspiration to make our own fruit and vegetable faces. We have studied how to draw fruit using light and dark and shading with colours.


Willow class have been learning how to talk about food and state preferences in role play scenarios.

Relax Kids

Learning to manage emotions through breathing. We have also looked at giving ourselves positive affirmations.


Year 3 and 4 have been loving learning to rap about food. We have been focusing on rhythm and rhyme to help us rap and using our bodies to move to the music.