Calder Vale C of E Primary School

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Willow Class Autumn 2019

During the Autumn term, Willow’s topic is Danger! Danger! We will be learning about the Vikings as invaders and settlers and reading maps comparing Scandinavian countries with the UK.

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School Council

Our school council organises charity fundraising and run Tasty Tuck during break time. This term they will be raising money for Children In Need and St John’s Hospice with an Elf Run!


Eco-council have been tidying up our allotment area ready for Winter and making posters to encourage our school community to recycle.

Science Ambassadors

Our Science Ambassadors help us to evaluate our Science lessons using our principles and they support their peers with their learning. When Mad Science visited, our ambassadors helped them conduct their experiments – they were fantastic Science technicians!


We have been investigating place value: partitioning numbers, sequencing with negative numbers and we have become experts with Roman numerals. Our focus is to be mathematicians who can reason and problem solving using our skills from across all our maths topics. We love our Supermovers times table songs and dances and our Active Maths activities where we embed our skills whilst being active in the hall or outside.


This half-term we have been studying legends from around the UK: The Fairy Flag of McLeod, Finn MacCool and the Giant’s Causeway and our focus has been on the Legend of Gelert. We have really enjoyed choral reading with microphones, oral retelling with text maps and getting into character uisng our magic mirrors.

Our writing sessions with candles, music, special pencils and fruit are a time for us to focus on our skills we have been taught and how to use them independently. We love sharing our work with each other, Bluebell class and having it displayed on our Goal Scorers display.


Year 4: Our topic is teeth and the digestive system. It has been brilliant fun making teeth out of clay, investigating animal teeth and making our own toothpaste – it smelt yummy but looked disgusting! We have also loved making our own digestive system: how food travels from mouth to toilet.

Year 5: Our topic is materials properties and changes. We have been investigating materials needed on a surivial camping trip up in the mountains and we designed, made and tested containers to keep our drinks warm. Our focus has been on identifying variables in investigations, conducting investigations independently and explaining our findings using scientific vocabulary. We have also been learning about dissolving and how we can affect the rate of dissolving.

Religious Education

They began the term looking at the concept courage and making connections between courageous Christians and themselves. They had made their own courage jars which are on display in the classroom, they continue to add notes to the jars when they have shown acts of courage. They are currently discovering about the Scared Bible and the importance of the Bible to Christians.


Our investigation into maps showed us how to read map symbols and coordinates and who and why we need maps. We loved comparing and contrasting Great Britain with European countries, in particular Norway and Denmark, as the Vikings invaded England from Scandinavian countries. Willow class researched industries, physical features and weather across Europe and used the information to create graphs on Purple Mash.


We have had an exciting half-term learning about the Vikings as part of our topic Danger! Danger! and have even been visited by a Viking for the day! He showed us how the Vikings lived, traded, used natural resources to make clothes and money and why they were considered fearsome warriors.

As part of our topic we have used our outdoor timeline to help us understand the historical chronology surrounding the VIkings and we have investigated how they were invaders, raiders and settlers. It has been fascinating learning about our local area and how the Vikings influenced place names and how they used the land.

Art and Design

This term we learnt about structures in relation to animal homes. We learnt how to make strong joints and made prototypes of our structures using KNex. In 2020, we are improving our garden area and to enhance the environment for wildlife we made bird houses and minibeast hotels.


This term we have been discovering child-friendly search engines and their various features. They have created poster with tips for finding secure sites and keeping their information safe. They have been discussing the idea of copyright and how this affects what they can use and post online. The children have also been looking into the reliability of websites that they use. They have discovered that not all the information on the internet is true and also that there can be information which is specifically created to mislead people therefore this has become known as fake news.


In French as linguists they have been learning to read, speak and write sports names in French, they have then applied this knowledge to be able to hold a simple conversation in French based on their favourite sport. They have recapped the days of the weeks and months of the year in French and developed their learning to seasons in both reading and spelling.

Christmas at Calder Vale

Our Nativity was Hey Ewe and told the story of a curious sheep, everyone loved being involved and impressed our audience with many pupils singing solo or in pairs. Willow class also performed a range of Christmas songs using handbells which they learnt to play throughout December, they sounded gorgeous.

During December, we also had an amazing visit to The Barn for Christmas lunch (special Frozen guest joined us) followed by watching Cinderella at the theatre. Our term finished with a special visit from Father Christmas.