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Bluebell Class Summer

Carnival – Let’s Celebrate! Summer Term 2016

Carnival – Parents’ Leaflet

What the Ladybird Heard – Visiting Nursery – Thursday 19th May 2016

A visiting nursery joined us for an action-packed afternoon of outdoor learning based on famous children’s story ‘What the Ladybird Heard’. The children developed their knowledge and understanding of 2d shapes before exploring today’s challenges in our Early Years and Key Stage One classroom.
The afternoon continued in our amazing woodland where the children created music in the style of Julia Donaldson and built shelters and dens for their ladybirds.
An awesome afternoon!

Thursday 19th May 2016

Bluebell Class have been busy designing tractors and new breeds of cows this morning!  Lots of exploration, use of imagination and creation in the construction area and workshop.

French Breakfast – Wednesday 18th May 2016

Bluebell Class enjoyed joining the whole school and parents for a French breakfast this morning.

Lots of French speaking whilst enjoying croissants and pain au chocolat was the order of the morning!

Woodland Club – Tuesday 17th May 2016

Everyone had an awesome time designing and building tables and chairs for the cafe and family in famous children’s story ‘The Tiger Who Came For Tea’ before setting about shelters.  Amazing skills development… enjoy our photos!

Design Technology – Tuesday 17th May 2016

Bluebell Class enjoyed exploring, making and evaluating smoothies this afternoon!

Tuesday 17th May 2016

Nursery and Reception children worked together independently to plan and construct a table and chairs for the cafe in ‘The Tiger Who Came For Tea’ that the family attended following their unexpected visit from a tiger.  They then explored cafe role-play and used real money to purchase items for snack time.

Cafe Fun – Monday 16th May 2016

Lots of ‘cooking’ fun outside at the Mud Kitchen and in the malleable area today creating recipes for the tiger who came for tea.

The children were in charge of the camera!

Forest Friday Fun – Special Places Friday 13th may 2016

Two children constructed a beautiful church in the woodland area this afternoon when exploring the theme ‘Special Places’.  Truly Beautiful!

Great Problem Solving in Maths – Thursday 28th April 2016

Year One children showed amazing problem solving skills this morning when they found 60 gems in the jungle.
The gems belong to four tribes and had to be returned fairly to each tribe. The children used the water area to solve the problem.

First, they used a rectangle to share the 60 gems between the four tribes and then they used the water, pipes and boxes to send the gems back to their owners!

Wonderful problem solving!

Let’s share our opinion… Monday 26th April 2016

Everyone is talking about this week’s story… Elmer. The older children were keen to write book reviews for Willow Class and the younger ones explored the story tray; the wooden characters and elephant masks were really helpful in supporting the children to share their opinion of the story!

Lots of phonics fun finding ‘Elmers’ that were hiding around our beautiful school also supported the children in developing their phonetical knowledge of ‘er er a better letter’.

Let’s answer the question… How do babies change?

In the investigation tray today, the children continued to develop their knowledge of ‘how babies change’ by considering how bird babies change. There were lots of questions created and lots to find answers for!

Capacity – Monday 25th April 2016

The children got better at measuring capacity today…  Some of us developed our knowledge of empty, full, halk empty, nearly full to using fractions 1/4 full, 3/4 full and then on to standard units milli-litres and litres.  Everyone was hands-on at the stone station, sand tray and water table, which was by far the wettest area to learn but the most fun!

Forest Friday Fun

Mad Science Presentation – Wednesday 20th April 2016

Bluebell Class loved ‘Turbo Tom’s’ Visit this afternoon.  Mad Science presenter Tom took the children on a journey through space creating awesome scientific experiments and developing their knowledge and understanding of scientic concepts and vocabulary.  It was lots of fun and there were plenty of smiles and lots of laughter throughout the presentation!

A little Visitor – Friday 15th April 2016

As part of our learning journey into asking ‘how human babies change’ Bluebell Class enjoyed a little visitor today.  The children had prepared questions to ask our visitor and are now much more informed and confident in talking about what babies can and cannot do.

Forest Friday Fun – Where the Wild things Are! Friday 15th April 2016

Story Tray

Our ‘Where the Wild Things are’ themed story tray is lots of fun and we are all really enjoying creating our own ‘Wild Thing’ themed stories!

Mud Kitchen Fun – ‘Wild Thing’ Recipes on sale!

Lots of fun today making delicious ‘Wild Thing’ recipes as the children explore the book ‘Where the Wild Things are’

Creating a class story

We have enjoyed creating a class story using the amazing illustrations from ‘Where the Wild Things are’.   When we compared our version with the true version at the end of the session they were quite different thought equally as exciting!

Engage Event – Monday 11th April 2016

Bluebell Class loved the Engage Event where they had to explore a ‘Chatterbox’ and become detectives by hunting around the classroom for clues about our new theme ‘Carnival – Let’s celebrate’!

We begin the term by learning about Jungles and Rainforests; finding out where they are located, what they are like and what lives in them.

The children explored tiger patterns so we could create a tiger-themed classroom door!

Library Van – Monday 11th April 2016

The LCC Library Van visited today and we really enjoyed exploring the selection of books on board and finding animal themed stories that we can share together in class.

Breakfast in the Home Corner

The nursery children loved serving breakfast in the newly situated home corner, which is particularly cosy and lots of fun!