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Bluebell Class Stones and Bones (Spring Term)


Stone Age Bone Age – Parents’ Leaflet

Stone Age Bone Age – Things to Remember!

Stone Age Bone Age – Collaboration Day

Passion Play Experience – Wednesday 23rd March 2016

Bluebell Class loved the ‘Passion Play’ performance this afternoon.

The Easter Story, performed by Willow Class, was an awesome experience for members of the local and wider community who along with Bluebell Class gathered at the village hall to begin this amazing journey, through the village and up into the woods, and returning to our outdoor classroom for the final scene.

The moving theatrical experience was amazing; the older children using clear, loud voices, gestures, facial expression and ‘passion’ to retell this amazing happening.


Number Bonds – Monday 14th March 2016

Bluebell Class all got better at ‘Number Bonds’ today!

Having learnt the ‘Number Bond chant (“Which two numbers add to ten….”) the group were able to recall number bonds to ten rapidly and then apply their mathematical knowledge to extend their thinking and explore number bonds to 20 and 100.


Phonics Fun! Friday 11th March 2016

The children loved being outdoors with the squeezy bottles today!


Constructing the Eiffel Tower! Friday 11th March 2016

This week Bluebell Class have got better at speaking French..

Having researched the Eiffel Tower and exploring it through the internet; there was lots of excitement in planning and constructing their very own ‘Eiffel Tower’.

The plans were extremely detailed and the children wanted to measure the lines they were drawing using standard and non-standard units, which was great fun!

Some children wanted to use paper and masking tape and work indoors whereas other towers were constructed outside in the sunshine using sand and or the big wooden blocks. The Year One children led the way on adding a finishing touch using stones from the vegetable garden.



We’re on a Bear Hunt – Thursday 10th March 2016

After Diddi Dance, Story Club started with gusto as the Year One Children led the group on a new and improved Bear Hunt! Keeping the familiar story language and repeated refrains, they changed the obstacles, sounds and movements – it was an incredible journey!!!

Following this exciting start, lots of fun followed making bears at the Creation Station and exploring the story further through sensory play; creating a sound story was extremely popular with our Reception Children.

Fraction Fun! Week beginning Monday 7th March

Everyone has got better at recognising fractions as part of a whole this week!

The pizza parlour was great fun for working out what fraction of the pizza the customer wanted and what fraction of the pizza was left.

Fun outside with the large construction blocks also got everyone talking about and using fractions.

Phonics Fun! Thursday 10th March 2016

Bluebell Class had lots of fun in phonics today making the ‘er’ sound by finding things around the playground on this beautiful spring morning that made them say ‘er’. Read, write, inc. phoneme and grapheme /er/ ‘a better letter’.

The outdoor activity was follwed by writing to the big, brown bear that we met earlier in the week to ask him a few questions.

One of our Reception pupils handed the letter to the postman and we are all eagerly awaiting a reply!


Snow – Friday 4th March 2016

An AMAZING treat today; Bluebell Class were able to explore true signs of winter first hand! It was exciting and lots of fun!!

Our Nursery children described the experience as “CRUNCHY!”


How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth – Thursday 3rd March 2016

Lots of fun was had at Story Club where the children used pictures, words and diagrams to tell others How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth!!! Using their expert knowledge of the book, they were able to record and explore ideas from their observations from the book and develop their ideas, try things out, change their minds and discuss their drawings and labels with friends and parents.

The children and parents explored a variety of media as well as line and shape.

The parents were particularly impressed with the spelling and phonics abilities of some of our youngest children.


ICT – Simulations Spring Two Week One

This week Bluebell Class have got better at exploring simulations of real and virtual environments. We have looked at BBC science clips of virtual plants and pets and can now discuss the use of simulations and compare them with reality.

We particularly enjoyed using Purple Mash to create our own simulations!


Baking Simnel Cake – Friday 26th February 2016

Bluebell Class has had great fun weighing out the ingredients and mixing them together to create mini Simnel Cakes; a rich, sweet treat that has been eaten since Medieval times.


Playground Games – Friday 26th February 2016

The Year Three and Four children have worked hard this week to create a carousel of playground games to enhance playtimes.

Lots of fun has been had,trying and testing out suitable activities to be part of the carousel, and everyone is feeling a lot fitter!!!

Additionally, we have all enjoyed the beautiful sunshine!
One Key Stage One pupil commented, “The javelin activity is my favourite! I am going to beat my target with practise, practise, practise” and he did!

Well Done Everyone!


Making a Blanket for ‘Cave Baby’ Week Beg. Mon 8th February 2016

Bluebell Class have been busy researching, designing and practising their sewing skills and techniques to create a blanket for ‘Cave Baby’.

Thank you to all the Parents and Grandparents that came in to support the children on Thursday 11th February.